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What You Should Know About Different Kinds of Coffee Beans and Coffee Roasts


One of the most consumed beverages worldwide is coffee. Did you know that there are numerous varieties of coffee beans, including Arabica and Robusta, as well as sun-grown and shade-grown varieties? You already know that cold-brewed coffee beans are favourite, but do you prefer espresso or drip? To help you choose your next bag of coffee wisely, we'll examine the various coffee beans, different kinds, and roasts in this blog.


Coffee roasts

How long coffee beans are roasted is a major factor that determines the flavour of a cup of coffee. You might be surprised to hear that coffee beans are soft beans with a greenish-yellow shade before they are roasted. Depending on how long the beans are roasted, the roasting process turns these slightly sweet beans into either a sweet, fruity, acidic cup of coffee or a dark, bitter, robust cup of coffee.

There are 4 types of coffee roasts.

1.  Light Roasts

Coffee beans categorized as light-roast are those that have not yet acquired their "first crack." A cup of coffee brewed from a light roast would have more acidic, fruity, and flowery aroma characteristics because the beans are not roasted for a very long time.

2.  Medium Roasts

Coffee beans that have been roasted between the first crack and before the second crack are typically classified as medium roast. In comparison to light-roast coffee, a cup brewed from a medium roast would have a smoother, more balanced flavor with a slightly increased degree of bitterness.


Figure 1 Unroasted coffee beans


3.  Medium Dark roasts

During or directly after the second crack, beans are roasted to a medium-dark color. Because the temperatures are high enough, this roast will also begin to show the oils on the surface of the beans. These roasts are more flavored and are less acidic.

4.  Dark roasts

Coffee beans that are dark-roasted are beans roasted after the second crack. Dark-roasted beans have an oily glow to them because of the roasting process, which takes oils from the coffee bean's core to the shell. A cup of coffee with a dark roast will taste burnt, bitter, and smoky.

Characteristics of Different Coffee Beans

Coffee beans come in a vast variety of sizes and forms, just like the people of the world. Coffee comes in an uncountable number of variants. Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa beans are the four main strains of coffee beans. Each coffee bean is different from the next in terms of size, shape, and flavour profile. Let’s discuss get into world of coffee beans!

  1. Arabica coffee beans

Arabica beans are grown at higher altitudes and have a more delicate flavour. The most prevalent kind of coffee bean is Arabica. They taste mild and have a slightly acidic flavour. Arabica beans are the best and most expensive kind of coffee bean and are cultivated in tropical environments. Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Colombia all grow arabica beans. They produce nearly 75% of the coffee consumed worldwide. Depending on the region where it was grown, Arabica coffee can have a variety of flavours, although they normally contain feature notes of fruit, sweetness, and flowery aroma. Since these beans are usually roasted for less time than Robusta beans. The coffee that comes from Arabica coffee beans tastes lighter.



Figure 2 Arabica coffee beans 


  1. Robusta coffee beans

Robusta coffee beans are a type of coffee bean that is used in many espresso blends. These beans are known for their strong and bitter flavour and contain more caffeine than other types of coffee beans. Robusta beans are grown in hot, humid climates and are typically less expensive than Arabica beans. Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and Brazil are among the countries that grow Robusta beans. They produce around 25% of the coffee grown worldwide. Due to their penchant for bitterness, Robusta beans are frequently used in flavour-added instant and regular coffees.


Figure 3 Robusta coffee beans


  1. Liberica coffee beans

If you're a coffee lover, then you will be aware of many different types of coffee beans and roasts. But what about Liberica coffee beans?

Liberica beans are grown in Africa and Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, and are the least common type of coffee bean. They are large beans with a unique flavour. Some say that Liberica coffee has a floral aroma with a fruity taste. Others describe the flavour as being like that of roasted nuts or chocolate.

The interesting thing about Liberica coffee is that it is not as popular as other types of coffee beans. In fact, it is quite rare, but that doesn't mean that it isn't worth trying! If you're looking for something new and different in your cup of joe, then Liberica coffee may be just what you're looking for.

  1. Excelsa coffee beans

Excelsa coffee beans are a type of coffee bean that is typically used for espresso. These beans are roasted longer than other types of coffee beans, which gives them a darker colour and a more intense flavour. Excelsa beans also have a higher caffeine content than other types, so they are perfect for people who need an extra boost of energy in the morning.


There are so many different types of coffee beans and roasts available on the market today. There are a lot of different factors that go into what kind of coffee bean you should choose. It can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. It can be difficult to know where to start, but hopefully this article has given you a good starting point. There are light, medium, and dark-roasted coffee beans, as well as flavoured and decaffeinated options. The type of bean you choose will largely depend on your personal preferences. Just remember to keep in mind what kind of coffee you want, and you'll be able to find the perfect beans for your next cup.

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